What Is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) is a systems approach to create and maintain positive school climates.  This evidence-based framework emphasizes preventing school discipline problems.  PBIS provides ideas to support teaching, modeling and recognizing positive, appropriate behavior in schools.  It also identifies systems for logically responding to classroom and individual student problems.  Data is used to evaluate progress and guide school teams.  By promoting and sustaining safe learning enviroments PBIS increases the capacity of staff to reduce behavioral problems.  PBIS stresses identifying outcomes, datause, systems and practices to create and sustain a positive school climate.


PBIS at Adams School

*Word of the Month

*weekly Paw Pride winners for grades K-5

*Weekly "game time" winners for grades 6th-8th

*Monthly winners for every grade

*Quarterly celebrations for those who qualify

*Monthly/weekly PBIS info is in every Newsletter sent home


**We encourage you to talk with your children about PBIS.  It is a wonderful way to enhance positive behavior at school as well as at home!